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Chatfield WSC Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to: Garrett Berry, Ivonn Ed- Sanchez, and Abby Hudson - Kerens ISD, Kyndall Ritchie - Mildred ISD, Kristen Moody - Corsicana ISD, and Cole Metcalfe - Rice ISD. We are proud of all of these students and know that they have great things in store for each of them. We commend them for the successes they have had so far and wish them luck in their future endeavors.

Without the generosity of the Members that contribute to the Scholarship Fund, none of these scholarships would be possible. So thank you to our members for helping these fine students in their college pursuit.



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Disinfection switch from monochloramines to free chlorine

On August 8, 2016 Chatfield WSC will be switching disinfection from monochloramines to free chlorine. This will last until September 6, 2016. Press on link to find more information: http://www.chatfieldwsc.com/switch-to-free-chlorine-1



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Applications for Board Member

The Chatfield WSC Annual Meeting will be held on Monday April 18, 2016.

Anyone wishing to apply for a Director position can obtain the Board Application 2016 at http://www.chatfieldwsc.com/forms-and-reports or pick up at the office located at 106 Carr Street, Powell, TX 75153.

The completed Board Application and Petition must be received in the Chatfield WSC office by February 29, 2016 by 5:00 p.m.

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Clean Water. Part 2.

Clean Water. Part 2.

Last month, we began our investigation of Clean Water, particularly the history of water treatment. We learned that, as a direct result of water treatment, “By the beginning of World War II, typhoid, cholera, and dysentery were, for all practical purposes, nonexistent in the United States and the rest of the developed world.” It’s not therefore surprising that the CDC calls the last century of water chlorination and treatment “one of the Ten Greatest Public Health Achievements of the 20th Century.” 

As the incredible results of water treatment became more apparent, the U.S. Public Health Service set standards for water purity, standards that have been revised over the years, as new contaminants have been identified. Modern water systems carefully monitor water throughout the treatment process for traces of chemical pollutants and microbes; they have sophisticated computerized devices capable of detecting contaminants in the parts per trillion.

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